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The first congress was held in Wuxi city, Jiangsu Province in November 2018, with the theme of "Green, Efficient, Innovative and Evolutionary". The main activities include keynote speeches, theme speeches, special parallel sessions, scientist-entrepreneur summit, ICE product exhibition, press conference, technical visit, etc. 
More than 380 guests  attended the congress, including 35 Chinese and foreign academicians, 156 industry experts and well-known entrepreneurs, and 150 foreign guests.
He Guangyuan, Xiang Changle, Ma Weiming, Chen Xingying, Jin Donghan, Li Xiaomin, Li Jun, Li Shufu and other prominent leaders, scholars and entrepreneurs attended the congress.

The congress was accompanied by a high-tech professional exhibition with 106 exhibitors and over 7,000 participants.  The event was reported by over 30 mainstream media at central, provincial and municipal levels in over 140 reports, with over 50 million views. The event was broadcast live by five media outlets, including Xinhua News Agency "Live Cloud", CRI Online and NetEase, with over 4 million views.


    The 2nd World Congress on Internal Combustion Engines
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