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Call for Papers

Call for Papers
2nd WICE, 21-24 April 2021 | Jinan City, China

The 2nd World Congress on Internal Combustion Engines (WICE) is a premier technical event dedicated to innovations in internal combustion engines. The congress serves as a major forum for leading academicians, researchers, and industry leaders to showcase their works around the theme of “Green, Efficient, Intelligent and Reliable”. Meet colleagues and customers from global industries.

The congress is devoted to the presentation of papers in a variety of fields related to internal combustion engines.
• Efficient and clean combustion technologies
• Emission control technologies
• New low carbon fuel combustion technologies
• Intelligent control technology of power system, structure, friction, and lubrication technologies
• Intelligent design and manufacturing of engine
• New product development of internal combustion engines
• New technologies, new materials, and new processes of engine parts
• Testing technology and methods
• New low carbon power plant
• Key technologies of special power system.

Please submit your paper to LIU Fang, .

All accepted papers will be published at the 2nd WICE (report, posters, or proceedings of WICE). Excellent papers will be recommended to Journal of Central South University (ISSN 2095-2899, CN 43-1516/TB, SCI-E) and published in June 2021 in the special issue of World Congress on Internal Combustion Engines.

Review-ready paper submission deadline: 31st January 2021

For any further queries, contact:
LIU Fang:
PEI Yiqiang:
LIU Chuanyuan:


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