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The World Congress on Internal Combustion Engines (WICE) was initiated by the Chinese Society for Internal Combustion Engines (CSICE) in 2018. It’s a comprehensive technical exchange event for the internal combustion engine industry that is attended by countries, regions and organizations across the world. The congress is held every three years and covers international academic exchanges, summit forums, promotion of technological achievements, exhibition of high-end products and technical visit,and other activities, aiming to build a comprehensive platform for collaborative innovation and harmonious development of the global ICE industry.
Over nearly a century, internal combustion engines have provided convenient and efficient power in various fields and have promoted the progress of human society. Today, reducing carbon emissions has become the main theme of development in the field of power and energy, and diversified power technology advances by leaps and bounds, so internal combustion engines must be more efficient, cleaner, smarter and more reliable to meet the requirements of social development. 
The 2024 WICE cordially invites you to gather with other top scientists, entrepreneurs, experts, scholars, and other scientific and technological workers from the world's internal combustion engine industry to Tianjin, China. Around the theme of "Green, Efficient, Intelligent and Reliable",we will jointly explore technology trends and technical difficulties,assist in the integration and innovation of IC power and other power technologies, and promote the coordinated development of the entire ICE industry chain.



2024 World Congress on Internal Combustion Engines
大会筹备办Preparatory Office of the Congress
学术交流Academic Exchange
招商合作Investment Promotion
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