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Encourage the advancement of gasoline engines that are carbon neutral, zero carbon, and low carbon in order to foster the creation of new levels of production in human society The 2024 World Congress on Internal Combustion Engines opens grandly

Origin:中国内燃机学会 Date:Apr 26, 2024

On April 20, the 2024 World Congress on Internal Combustion Engines opened in Tianjin. Co-organized by Chinese Society for Internal Combustion Engines (CSICE) and Tianjin University, the congress is themed on "Green, Reliable, Intelligent and Efficient". Its goal is to "promote the technological progress of low-carbon, zero-carbon and carbon neutral fuel engines and promote the development of new productive forces in human society" . The future development of internal combustion engines and new power in the context of "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" was discussed by over 40 academics from China and abroad, as well as scientists, entrepreneurs, and scientific and technology workers from 22 different nations.

Wan Gang, Chairman of China Association for Science and Technology, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Zhang Gong, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Tianjin Municipal Committee and Mayor of Tianjin; Rick Boom, President of CIMAC; Jin Donghan, Academician of CAE, President of 2024 World Congress on Internal Combustion Engines, President of CSICE and President of Tianjin University; An Tiecheng, Party Secretary and Chairman of China Automotive Technology & Research Center Co. Ltd. attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches. Keynote speeches by Chinese and foreign experts such as Huang Zhen, academician of CAE. The opening ceremony was presided over by Shu Gequn, Vice President of CSICE and Secretary of the Party Committee of University of Science and Technology of China.

The world's first commercial diesel engine with a body thermal efficiency greater than 53% was unveiled at the opening ceremony, showcasing China's internal combustion engine industry's most recent technological breakthroughs. The "dual-carbon" targets can be realized more quickly if pertinent technologies are widely adopted and used. This can save about 31 million tons of fuel oil and reduce carbon emissions by about 97 million tons annually.

The World Congress on Internal Combustion Engines (WCICE), which was founded by CSICE in 2018, is an extensive technical exchange event for the internal combustion engine industry in which nations, regions, and organizations from all over the world participate. Every three years, the congress encompasses a range of activities including summit conferences, high-end product fairs, on-site technical investigations, and international academic exchanges. Its goal is to create a comprehensive platform for joint innovation and peaceful growth for the global internal combustion engine industry as well as associated sectors.

The congress will set up parallel sessions for transportation energy and intelligent control, efficient clean combustion, carbon neutrality and emission control of internal combustion engines, design and manufacturing lubrication and reliability, fuel cells and energy storage, modern power, etc. Famous experts and scholars from the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Spain, China and other countries will be invited to deliver wonderful reports during the three-day academic exchange; Organize high-level academic reports on topics such as net zero carbon fuel internal combustion engines, hybrid vehicles and hydrogen fuel cells to carry out in-depth academic exchanges; over 20 leading units in internal combustion engine and related industries, including China Automotive Technology & Research Center Co., Ltd., Great Wall Motor Co., Ltd., China North Engine Research Institute , Shanghai Marine Diesel Engine Research Institute, Shandong Chambroad New Energy Holding Development Co., Ltd. and CSSC Power (Group) Co., Ltd. will be invited to showcase their outstanding new achievements; During the congress, activities such as Chinese and foreign youth science and technology salons, expert forums and technical visits will also be carried out. The 2024 World Congress on Internal Combustion Engines strives to gather young scholars and "senior youth" experts, advance academic exchanges and technical exchanges, promote talent growth, promote scientific and technological innovation, further promote the green transformation of the industry, and establish a green low-carbon circular development system for internal combustion engine industry.

"Internal combustion engines are the leading driving force of land transportation, construction machinery and ocean transportation, as well as products with the greatest potential to promote energy conservation and emission reduction." Jin Donghan said at the congress, "We hope that through this congress, we will actively explore the path to realize 'carbon neutrality' technology of internal combustion engines, and make contributions to promoting the progress of the world's internal combustion engine industry and improving human social well-being!"


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